Situated within the heart of the Leeward Islands in the West Indies, Nevis forms a picturesque segment of the inner arc. Positioned approximately 350 kilometers east-southeast of Puerto Rico and a mere 80 kilometers west of Antigua, this small Caribbean gem, along with its neighboring Saint Kitts, makes up the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis - a unique nation state.

Famed for its pristine beaches, especially the enchanting palm-lined ones, Nevis attracts those in pursuit of nature's untouched elegance and tranquility. The island, with its limited commercial development, ensures a peaceful getaway. Visitors can indulge in a spectrum of activities from sunbathing and snorkeling to exploring the Botanical Gardens, navigating the lush jungle trails,
or enjoying a local pub crawl.


  • Size: Spanning 93 square kilometers, Nevis is modest in size but grand in beauty.

  • Geography: Dominated by the imposing Nevis Peak, this volcanic island is adorned with a blend of white coral, brown, and black sandy beaches along its western and northern peripheries.

  • Capital: Charlestown

  • Population: Home to approximately 12,000 inhabitants.

  • Access: Whether by air, with its Vance W. Amory International Airport, or by sea through yacht or ferry, reaching Nevis is a journey in itself.

  • Culture: With a literacy rate among the world's highest, education and faith play pivotal roles in the Nevisian lifestyle. The warmth of the island, however, is best epitomized by its gracious and hospitable residents.

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